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Home of the World Goddess Oracle of Thalia Took, an unpublished deck of eighty-one cards of Goddesses from around the world, as well as other Deity and Tarot artwork.

I've decided to start taking commissions on a limited basis. This may not last long, so get them while you can! Details are here. Above, one of my recent commissions, of the Indian Goddess Durga. Other recent commission works are on the Goddess Art page.

I've recently gone back into the artwork for the World Goddess Oracle (formerly known as the Goddess Oracle Deck), redoing some cards and adding others in order to have a better balance of Goddesses. Several new Aztec Goddesses, for example, have been added (detail pictures on the right, which will take you to the individual pages) and I've also redone Athena. On the left are also links to my series of God artwork, done in scratchboard, as well as to other Goddess art that is not a part of the World Goddess Oracle. I also have a bit of Tarot art and a series of Tarot spreads based off each Major Arcana, which prove useful sometimes. There is also my series of Dream Cards, for lack of a better title; I'm not sure quite what they are about, but I've found them quite resonant.

And then there's the Obscure Goddess Online Directory, a series of articles about lesser-known Goddesses, starting with the Romans, and with a smattering of other cultures such as the Etruscans and Canaanites so far. I don't imagine I'll ever finish it, as it's a project for several lifetimes.

If you are interested in owning prints, say for your altar, they are available here, through deviantArt.