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Featuring Goddess art I've done that is not part of the Goddess Oracle Deck, including a couple of triple Goddesses, some art inspired by my trip to the UK, and two versions of the Spring-Goddess Eostre (what can I say? —Spring is my favorite time of the year). The media are varied, though the pieces are mostly done in watercolor pencils.

Al-Uzza, Allat and Menat, Triple Goddess of Ancient Arabia

Angitia, Snake Goddess of Ancient Rome

Artio, Bear Goddess of the European Celts

Eostre (the 2005 version), Germanic Goddess of Springtime, Fertility, and the Full Moon

Eostre (the 2006 version)

Epona, the Continental Celtic Horse-Goddess

Ix Chel, Maya Triple Goddess of the Moon and Weaving

The Nine Muses, Greek Goddesses of Inspiration

Pallas Athena, Greek Goddess of the Thunderstorm

Stella Maris, or Mary, Star of the Sea, Protectress of Seafarers

Sulis, Goddess of the hot springs at Bath, England

Thalia, Greek Muse of Comedy














All art here ©2004 Thalia Took, aka The Artist Formerly Known As Mary Crane.
You are free to borrow the images here for your own personal or religious use. If you use any on your
personal non-commercial website, please credit the work to Thalia Took.
If you can link back to this site, I'd appreciate it. Always ask permission first for any other requests for use of this art.
Obscure Goddess Online Directory text ©2006 Thalia Took, and please do not reproduce it.
Questions or comments? E-mail me.

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Allat, the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess of Ancient Arabia.