I know, I got the grammar wrong on that title, 'Eldalië' properly being a plural noun. Well, at any rate it's little Simmy skins for Tolkieny-type Elf women, mostly from the Silmarillion. It always was my favorite.

These Elf-women are all in pale skin tone; each zip includes a set of matching hands and the matching nude (except for the nightgown, which doesn't require them). I have tried to keep the number of hand sets to a minimum by giving them the same names where I could; so long as the mesh for the main body is different, one can get away with that in the interests of cutting down on duplicate hand sets. So some of the hands and nudes may want to overwrite each other in your skin folder, which is fine. Oh, and also, my pales are slightly different in color than the ones that have been standardized within the Sims community. The standard works fine for vampires and the like, but I wanted something more healthy-looking. All my own pales are the same compared to each other, so my pale skins and heads will all match each other.

The heads can be found here.

Click on the picture for the zip of the bmp(s); on the mesh-name under the picture for the zip of the mesh.

B6K0fafit by MJ at the Simarillion (closed)

Idril Celebrindal dress, in cornflower blue, said to be her emblem. Barefoot, in accord with her epithet, meaning 'Silverfoot'. Sweetheart neckline, since in some early works Tolkien gives that as the meaning of her name. (He changed his mind later, of course, as he was wont to do.)

B50Afafit by Corry's Factory

Another Idril dress in a slightly purplier cornflower blue with design of tendrils. Body of dress has a subtle sparkle to it; the skirt is quite full. Barefoot again.

BJ07fafit by Jerome

Melian dress, in black with belt of stars. Bodice in subtle stripe; skirt looks like velvet, though it's hard to tell here (it shows up better in-game).

B50Afafit by Corry's Factory

Lúthien Tinúviel gown in white like mother of pearl; sewn at hem, neck, and sleeves with seed pearls.

B4t4fafit by The Sims Dream House (closed)

The famous Lúthien gown in summer sky blue, with golden trumpet lilies sewn on the sleeves.

B4C4fafit by Camilla at NightTime Sims

Lúthien (or Arwen) gown in deep blue velvet and brocade, with silver embroidery and silver shoes.

B07Zfafit by Seammer at SimFreaks

Eärwen dress in a grey-blue the color of the Sea, with embroidered waves in silver, set with pearls in a sea-foam pattern.

Mesh link above takes you to one of the formal pages at SimFreaks; download the royal blue set at the very bottom left to get this mesh.

LJ73fafit by Jerome

Buyable nightie in silver with silver lace robe over. Ties under the breasts with a grey ribbon.












Policy: Objects and skins by Thalia at Magnolia Sims. Do what you like with my objects and skins: clone, recolor, share, make different versions of skins for different skin tones and body shapes, whatever. Credit would be good, and if you could link I'd appreciate it; but you don't have to. Just don't put anything of mine (altered or unaltered) on a pay site, and don't take credit for something you didn't make. Meshes are not mine, as I can't make them myself; if you want to use them you'll have to refer to the original maker's policy, which I've generally included in the zip. Though if I'm using them, they were good to use when I checked.