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All art here ©2004 Thalia Took, aka The Artist Formerly Known As Mary Crane.
You are free to borrow the images here for your own personal or religious use. If you use any on your personal
non-commercial website
, please credit the work to Thalia Took. If you can link back to this site, I'd appreciate it.
Always ask permission first for any other requests for use of this art.
Questions or comments? E-mail me.


Sir Isaac Mewton is named for the great British physicist and alchemist who, it is said, invented the cat door because he was tired of having his work constantly interrupted by the cat who was always on the wrong side of the door. It seems like some things are just constants in the Universe.

He was just a wee little thing when I got him, so small! (see right), and the first night I had him he slept on my pillow, curled up purring against my ear. He was remarkably frisky and remains so to this day, and he is accorded one of the naughtiest cats ever.

From small beginnings he has grown into a giant enormous ("ginormous") huge gigantic thing. HUGE! Unbelievable. I have never seen a domestic cat this large, and indeed I suspect he may in fact be a new species, Superfelis domesticus. He weighs (at last check) 18 pounds, which is all muscle, as he is thin and sleek and handsomely proportioned. His tail is also ridiculously long and has been since he was a kitten; it's something like 16 inches long now. He is so large that his nose is a full inch across (yes, I checked with a ruler), and when he walks he has a swagger just like a lion. His paws are the size of a baby's hands, and he has the footfall of a small child. In fact, more than once I have been in the kitchen and heard someone coming down the stairs, and thought, Who's that kid coming down the stairs? I don't know any 6-year olds. . . and it'll be Isaac, who incidentally just yanks the door open (though of course he never shuts it).

Sir Isaac Mewton is, however, the nicest cat I've ever met. He is always playful and cheerful, and very very gentle. When he plays he does not use his claws, and if he grabs a toy out of your hand you'll only feel the soft little paw pads. He's mostly short haired, but with a little bit of a ruff and pantaloons, and since he also came from Maine, the theory is that he's got a little Maine Coon Cat in him. Maine Coons are known for being very large but very gentle cats who almost never meow, and Isaac does not talk much (unless he really really wants to go out).

Though he's certainly cheerful and laid-back, Isaac doesn't purr easily, though when he does he sounds like a John Deere that's missing a cylinder.

Alternate names: Mr. Mewton, Meester Mewton, Mr Friskiwhiskers, Big Boy (the dumb name my Dad calls him), Sheridan (my Mom's name for him--she obviously watches far too much "Keeping Up Appearances")

Wrestling name: Two-Ton Mewton

Cowboy name: Rootin' Tootin' Mewton


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Another Isaac kitten picture. He's still got his fuzzy kitten fur. I can't believe he was ever that small!


Look at that fine set of whiskers!




Sir Isaac Mewton when he was a wee little thing. When I first got him he was not quite 6 weeks old, and I could hold him in one hand.


Sir Isaac Mewton as a nearly-grown cat. He's HUGE!! HUGE I say! That's a yardstick next to him. The scary thing is that I look at this picture and realize he's grown more since!


A closer view. He really has grown more--his face is now a lot fuller, and he's got this muscular neck like a football player. Don't be fooled, though, he's the sweetest, gentlest cat ever!


Cat in Bag. You'd think, with their natural attraction for boxes/bags/small spaces, that the cat in the wild would be a burrowing creature, or at least live in caves or something. But no.


Sir Isaac Mewton showing his utter disregard for the laws of his namesake, Sir Isaac Newton. His head looks perfectly circular in this view.

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