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Gathered up here are miscellaneous Goddess works, in various art styles and from different time periods, including the recent commissions and the pieces I've done as the monthly Goddess by Request through my Patreon.

Abundantia The Roman Goddess of abundance.

Achvizr An Etruscan Goddess or spirit, possibly of health.

Aeternitas The Roman Goddess of eternal Time.

Ameretat The Zoroastrian Amesha Spenta or Divinity of immortality and plant life.

Amphitrite The Greek Goddess of the sea.

Amaunet The ancient Egyptian Goddess of hidden power or air.

Angitia An Oscan healing Goddess associated with snakes, Who is related to the Bona Dea of Rome.

Anuket The Goddess of the Nile River in the region of the First Cataract.

Arab Triple Goddess Al-Uzza, Allat, and Menat of Arabia, worshipped by the Nabateans and Sabaeans of Yemen, among others.

Arduinna The Gaulish Goddess of the Ardennes Forest.

Ārohirohi The Maori Goddess of mirages.

Artemis Brauronia Springtime aspect of Artemis as protectress of young children and animals, Who is especially associated with bears.

Artio Bear Goddess of continental Europe.

Asherah Mother Goddess of the ancient Hebrews, associated with the Tree of Life.

Athena Glaukopis Bright or Owl-Eyed Athena.

Bastet I The ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess.

Bastet II Another Bastet.

Bat The very ancient Egyptian Celestial Cow.

Boann The Goddess of the Boyne River of Ireland.

Brighid The Irish Goddess of fire, smithcraft, poetry, and healing.

Brighid II Another Brighid.

Brighid III And another!

Brizo A Greek Sea Goddess Who grants prophetic dreams.

Cathubodua The Gaulish Raven of Battle.

Ceres I The Roman grain Goddess.

Ceres II Another depiction of Ceres, the Roman Goddess of the grain.

Coventina A Celtic water Goddess of northern Britain.

Diana The ancient Roman Goddess of women and the Moon.

Durga Hindu Goddess of battle Who was the only one Who could kill the buffalo-demon Mahisa, because She was a woman.

Eileithyia The Greek Goddess of childbirth and midwives.

Elpis The Greek Goddess of hope.

Eostre I The Germanic Goddess of springtime and the full moon.

Eostre II Another depiction of Eostre.

Epona The continental Celtic horse Goddess, Who was so popular with the otherwise anti-Celtic Romans they adopted Her into their festival calender.

Erato Muse of erotic or love poetry.

Ereshkigal Sumerian Underworld Goddess Who is Inanna's older sister.

Eris The Greek Goddess of strife and discord.

Euterpe Muse of lyric poetry.

Goewin Welsh sovereignty Goddess.

Gorgyra A Greek nymph of the Underworld.

Hathor of Gold The ancient Egyptian Goddess of celebration, dance, fertility, and women.

Hekate The Greek Goddess of magic and the Moon.

Hekate of the Crossroads Hekate as witch Goddess.

Hel The Norse Underworld Goddess.

Inanna Sumerian Queen of heaven and Ereshkigal's little sister.

Idunna The Norse Goddess of youth.

Iris The Greek Goddess of the rainbow.

Isis The Great Goddess of ancient Egypt.

Ix Chel The Maya Goddess of the Moon, rainbow, and weaving.

Juno The Roman Great Goddess.

Kali The Dark Mother of India Who both creates and destroys.

Kalliope The leader of the Muses, and Muse of epic poetry.

Khione The Greek Goddess of snow.

Klio Muse of history Who grants fame.

Kostroma Russian Earth Goddess Who awakens springtime.

Lethe The Greek Goddess of the Underworld river of oblivion.

Libertas The Roman Goddess of liberty and freedom.

Mama Killa The Inca Moon Goddess.

Medb Irish sovereignty Goddess.

Melpomene Muse of tragedy.

Metis The Greek Goddess of cunning and counsel.

Minerva The Roman Goddess of crafts and war.

Mokosh The Russian and Slavic Earth Goddess.

The Mórrígan Irish Goddess of battle, death and sexuality.

The Muses Old pen and ink drawing of the nine Greek Goddesses of inspiration, Kalliope, Klio, Polyhymnia, Euturpe, Erato, Terpsikhore, Ourania, Melpomene and of course Thalia.

Nana Buluku The West African Goddess Who created the Cosmos.

Nantosuelta The continental Celtic raven Goddess of happy domesticity.

Nehalennia The Celtic or Germanic Goddess of seafarers.

Ninhursag The Sumerian Lady of the Sacred Mountain.

Ourania Muse of astronomy.

Pallas Athena Athena as a warlike storm Goddess, shown wearing the aigis as a thundercloud.

Pandia A Greek Goddess of light, daughter of Selene the Moon Goddess.

Persephone I The Maiden Queen of the Underworld.

Persephone II Another depiction of Persephone.

Polyhymnia The Muse of sacred song.

Psykhe The Greek Goddess of the soul.

Rhiannon The Welsh horse Goddess, originally done for Sage Woman magazine.

Sedna The Inuit Goddess of the Deep Sea.

Selene The Roman Moon Goddess.

Sinann The Goddess of the Shannon River in Ireland.

Sthenno One of the three sister Gorgones of Greek myth.

Sulis British Celtic Goddess of the hot springs at Bath, England.

Syn A Norse Goddess Who guards the door to Frigga's hall.

Tanit The Carthaginian Great Goddess.

Taweret The ancient Egyptian hippopotamus Goddess.

Terpsikhore Muse of dance and choral song.

Thalia I Muse of Comedy and one of the three Graces.

Thalia II Another version of Thalia, the Muse of comedy.

Tlazolteotl The Aztec Filth Goddess.

The Two Queens Demeter and Despoine as the Mother and Her grown daughter.

Venus The Roman Goddess of love and gardens.

Tanit, the Dea Caelestis of Carthage, acrylic on paper 2016.