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Or, O.G.O.D.

As in, O, God! What was I thinking? So begins a gigantic project of mine, inspired in part from when my web hosting server folk inexplicably octupled my disk storage space and bandwidth allotment (for the same monthly fee, no less), which, even with all the graphics on this site, I was nowhere near to using up anyway. Also, I was sick of looking up information on the more obscure or less well known Goddesses and finding a single sentence from Wikipedia cut-and-pasted all over the interweb, so:

Here is a continuing, ongoing, neverending, this is the last project I'll do in my life, series of articles concerning Goddesses about whom information is hard to come by or sketchy, gathered here for your reading pleasure. I've started with the Romans, which has close to 300 articles planned; from there some Etruscan and Phoenician Goddesses have been added in what I am sure will be a very organic process.

Serious disclaimer: I am not a scholar, and though I do have a degree, it's in illustration (!). I am merely an interested amateur doing this to satisfy my own curiosity and because I'm the type who thinks such things are fun; as this is being approached as an amateur's diversion, and not something academic to submit for peer review, I have given zero citations. These articles are meant for other Pagans looking for information about obscure Goddesses for personal or religious use. In other words, don't quote me on these.

As befits an ongoing and ginormous project, links and updates will be fluid and continually updated for the foreseeable future (and probably beyond that). Please be patient with the inevitable lost links and 404 errors. If you'd like to print any of these out for your own personal or religious use, go ahead; but please do not simply cut and paste onto your own website or other publication. Thanks, and enjoy!

Egyptian (2 articles)

Etruscan (30 articles)

Phoenician (24 articles)

Roman (113 articles)