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This is Maude, currently my familiar friend. Her full name is Mad Maudlin, from the old song "Tom of Bedlam": "Mad Maudlin goes on dirty toes, for to save her shoes from gravel". She's very nearly all black. The only white she's got is a little spot on her throat, rather like a priest's white collar. In fact, "priest" has been her Hallowe'en costume for several years running now (I guess you stick with what's easy). Not that she's a Christian, I think--though far be it from me to speak for her religious inclinations--but anytime I do some witchy-type stuff, rituals, spells, whatever, she's right there, "helping".

Once upon a time Maude was a slim and svelte little cat. I would work all day, and when I got home she would play and jump around and keep me up with her energy till like one in the morning. Which was not enough sleep for me, oh no! So one day I brought home a brand new kitten, Sir Isaac Mewton, to be a play-companion. And his Kitten Chow.

Now Kitten Chow is packed with vitamins and protein, and most importantly, calories for growing kittens. And in my laissez-faire way of running the household, I didn't see any easy way to separate the cat foods. So Maude just chowed down on all that tasty tasty Kitten Chow. Now, even though it's several years later and Isaac is all grown (and my how he has grown!), Maude is still a roly-poly cat and is svelte no more!

Maude makes an appearance in my Fool Tarot card, Zero.

Alternate names: Maudling, Miss Maude, Mrs. Mewton, Littlest, Least (from back when she was the kitten pestering Brit)



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Maude in the grass, playing at the Mighty Huntress.


Maude with the favorite homemade cat toy called the Cat Head, which is entirely stuffed with catnip. This is the toy they love to carry around at three in the morning while making a horrible yeowling sound.


Maude under the piano.






Maude looking wise beyond her years.

Maude and her favorite #8 shoebox.


Maude in the kitchen. She's so shiny!


Maude on the left with Sir Isaac Mewton. They get along very well and have been known to have these disgustingly cute make-out sessions where they lick each other and purr a lot.




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