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Collatina is a Roman Goddess of Hills and Downs. Like Clivicola, She is a minor Deity Who appears to be limited in function, and may be one of the Numina or Indigites. Her name comes from Latin collis, "hill", "high ground", or "mountain".

She shared Her name with a town called Collatina or Collatia of Apulia in the south of Italy, probably named for the hilly country in which it was set. There was another town closer to Rome called Collatia which was served by the via Collatina (the "Collatine Way"), which passed by the springs that fed the Aqua Appia, the oldest aqueduct in Rome.

A variant of Her name, Collina, shares its name with one of the four earliest regions of Rome. The two major hills which formed the Collina region, the Viminal and the Quirinal, were the only two of the seven major hills which were commonly designated collis ("hill", "mound", or "ridge") rather than mons ("mountain", "huge rock"), though the Capitoline, the smallest of the seven, could occasionally be called collis. Perhaps this has something to do with the tradition that the Quirinal and the Capitoline were said to have been settled by Sabine peoples; or maybe it is merely to do with their physical size, as the Capitoline and the Viminal Hills were the two smallest of the seven hills. The Regio Collina also included three smaller hills, the Collis Salutaris, the Collis Mucialis, and the Collis Latiaris, in addition to the Viminal and Quirinal, and all five of them were said to have been named for the temples of deities worshipped there.

Also called: Collina