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Evan is an Etruscan fate Goddess, considered one of the Lasas. She is a companion of Turan, the Etruscan Goddess of love, and is often present with Turan and Her young lover Atuns (or Atunis, the Greek Adonis). The tale of Turan and Atuns (from the Greek tale of Aphrodite and Adonis) involves aspects of both love and fate, for the adored Atuns met a tragic death in His youth, but was eventually resurrected through Aphrodite's pleas. Perhaps Evan's presence was meant to indicate the workings of Fate, and the cycles of the year; for Atuns/Adonis is the God of vegetation, especially grain, which is cut in its prime but replanted to come back every year. Evan's name means "Time", and is related to Etruscan evi, "duration or eternity"; with that in mind, and Her place in the Atuns legend, some make Her the Goddess of individual immortality. She is sometimes shown with a wreath, which due to its shape is symbolic of the cycles of time.

Like several other Etruscan Deities, Evan is sometimes shown as male, and sometimes as female.