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Lucetia is an epithet of Juno meaning "Giver of Light", from the Latin lucet, "to get light". Much like Juno Lucina, She was regarded as a Birth-Goddess who brings the newborn baby into the light of day for the first time; but She was probably originally a Goddess of the light of heaven or the sky (perhaps as a Moon-Goddess, like Lucina, or as a Dawn-Goddess of the growing light of day), for Jupiter as Her cult-partner sometimes went by the name Lucetius, and He generally has little to do with childbirth.

The name Lucetia was said to have been especially used by the Oscan tribes, who were the first Italic settlers to arrive on the peninsula, and who lived in the southern and central parts of Italy. Her name could also be spelled with an R, Luceria, and this version of Her name was shared with a town in Apulia, the south-eastern part of the Italian peninsula, which was inhabited by Oscans and Iapyges, a people originally from Illyria, the western coast of the modern Balkan Peninsula. Luceria was located not far from the spur of the Italian boot, a little inland, and was known for its sheep and wool. There was a temple to Minerva there; but whether the name of the town has anything to do with the Goddess Lucetia is not known.