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Marah is a Canaanite water Goddess, considered benevolent and merciful. She is the daughter of the great Mother Goddess Athirat-of-the-Sea, and twin sister to Anat, the warrior maiden Goddess of extraordinarily bad temper. I could find only very little information about Her: I don't know if She is primarily a Goddess of the ocean, rivers, or lakes; I'm not even, in fact, sure what Her name means. The Phoenician language is closely related to both Hebrew and Aramaic; in Aramaic, the word mrh or mrt can give "Mistress", "Best" or "Bitterness". In Hebrew, mar or marah also means "Bitterness", and Marah is used of a place in the Sinai where Moses and the Israelites stopped at a spring of bitter water. The Hebrew word does connect back to the idea of water, though as a "merciful" water Goddess I'm not sure how the idea of "bitterness" applies. This Hebrew word has also been taken to be the root of the name Mary.