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Rahmaya is a Canaanite mother Goddess whose name means "the Merciful". She is one of the two wives of El, the grey-bearded old king of the Gods. The story goes that once when El was young and handsome, He happened across two beautiful Goddesses, Athirat and Rahmaya, Whom He woos by cooking Them a dinner of roast bird. He then asks if They would prefer to be His daughters or His wives; charmed by Him and His presumably excellent cooking, They agree to marry Him. Athirat and Rahmaya later give birth to the Gods of dawn and dusk, Shachar and Shalim, Who, though technically half-brothers, are always referred to as twins. Rahmaya is evidentally a double of Athirat in this story.

Rahmaya is also an epithet of Anat, the temperamental warrior Goddess Who loves smashing things, especially the skulls of enemy soldiers; in Her case it is a placating name, for by calling Her "the Merciful" it is dearly hoped that She will live up to it. It is not known if Rohmaya and Anat Rohmaya are to be equated, for Anat is usually said to be the daughter of El, not His wife; but there is much confusion and overlap between the three great Canaanite Goddesses Anat, Ashtart, and Athirat, Who all embody aspects of fertility and sexuality.

Also spelled: Rahmay, Rohmaya.