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Fortuna Salutaris is an aspect of the Roman Goddess of luck, Fortuna, as a health or healing Goddess. She is associated with Fortuna Balnearis, Fortuna of the Bath-Houses, and the two were often found mentioned on altars in the baths of military outposts on the frontiers of the Roman Empire. In these places Roman soldiers were a long way from home, surrounded by alien tribes who were probably regarded by the Romans as rather uncivilized; and they seem, not unsurprisingly, to have been especially concerned with their own well-being and health, and whether they would ever make it home again.

Salutaris can also mean "She Who Wishes Well", or "Of Salvation", and it is probable that the soldiers looked to Fortuna as a Goddess who could protect them in these distant lands, and as one who could save them from the hostility of the locals.