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Sha'taqat is a healing Goddess of the Canaanites, mentioned in the Ugaritic texts of the 13th century BCE as curing one King Keret, the King of Sidon who was perhaps a son of the Father God, El. She is a winged Goddess (sometimes called a "demoness") Who is strong in magic, and Her name means "[She Who] Drives Away", referring to Her power to drive out illness.

Keret, a soldier of the Sun-Goddess Shapash, was an unfortunate king who had lost several wives and had no heir. In seeking his eighth wife, he made a vow to the mother Goddess Athirat, and as a result is in time both happily married to a princess named Huray and father to several sons and daughters. But in his happiness, or as a result of his newly busy life, he neglects to fulfill his vow to the Goddess, and is struck ill. Under this curse the land lies barren, for nature is bound up with the health of the king. But the God El wishes to see him cured, and after meeting with the other Gods (and presumably placating Athirat), He sends Sha'taqat to Keret's bedside to effect a cure. This She does by creating a clay doll to help drive out the illness, and by touching the King's head with Her wand to finally banish his sickness.

Also called: Shatagat