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Thufltha is another avenging Underworld demoness, like Tuchulcha and Nathum, who could also be invoked as a protective Goddess. She is said to especially carry out the orders of Tinia or Tin (the Etruscan equivalent of Jupiter). Her name is mentioned several times on the bronze liver of Piacenza, a teaching device used to train diviners in ancient Etruria which was divided into houses corresponding to the Etruscan symbolic divisions of the heavens. The first instance of Her name is located on one of the interior sections of the liver, near one of the protuberances; this is inscribed as thuflthas Another interior inscription, just below, reads tins thuf, and on the outside rim of the liver-model in the northwest area, the regiones maxima dirae (most dire regions) is another example of tins thuf. "Tins Thuf", as opposed to simply "Thuflthas" has been interpreted to mean the avenging power of Tinia; perhaps Thuflthas was conceived as a personification of Tinia's anger.

But Thuflthas evidentally had a protective, more benevolent side to Her: an inscription to Thuflthas has been found on an Etruscan bronze statue of a boy from the 2nd century BCE. Just over 21.5 inches tall, the statue is in excellent shape and shows a young naked boy carrying a duck. Engraved up the side of his right leg is the inscription dedicating it to Thuflthas, and it has been taken to mean that the boy's mother dedicated the statue to invoke Thuflthas's protection and to keep her son healthy.

Alternate spellings: Thuflthas, Thuflthash, Thupltha.