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Fortuna Virgo is an aspect of the Roman Goddess of luck, Fortuna, Who watched over new brides and brought them luck in their marriages. Her title means "Fortune the Virgin", or "Fortuna of Marriageable Age", and young women would dedicate their robes to Her at their marriages. As Fortuna was the Goddess of chance, which tends to present itself at times of change, Fortuna Virgo was invoked to make the transition from one stage of life to the next go smoothly and well.

Her festival date was June 11th, the same day as the Matralia, the holiday to Mater Matuta, Goddess of growth and childbirth. The Matralia was celebrated by mothers and had rites to do with childbirth and bringing up children; Fortuna Virgo's festival on this day was a way to connect new brides to their perceived duties of becoming good mothers. Mater Matuta and Fortuna were also linked in that the two Goddesses had adjacent temples in the Forum Boarium down by the Tiber, both said to have been built by Servius Tullius (is there a temple to Fortuna in Rome that he didn't build?), and both dedicated on June 11th. Fortuna Virgo is said to have had Her own specific temple in Rome; it has been tentatively identified with this one in the Forum Boarium.

Also called: Fortuna Virginalis