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or, Seduction of the Moon


These cards were made with the purpose of circumventing the conscious process. I was taught at Art School to think very carefully about the ideas and intellectual goals of a piece of art, almost as if the art is a mathematical equation or intellectual exercise. That, I think, is one of the problems with contemporary art—the artist thinks about it far too much, and in the process it loses (or never has to begin with) its magical quality.

Accordingly, I have very little idea just what these cards mean. Although, I do have some idea. But I'm not going to tell.

I would in fact be delighted to hear your stories about these cards--in showing them to friends all kinds of wonderful interpretations have come up. If they were ever to be published (and right now I've got no plans) I think the "little white book" would have to be more of a workbook that helps the reader to figure out the meanings for herself.

So, what does Allune mean to you? What kind of story just she have? What does this card mean if it comes up in a reading? How does she interact with other cards? If you would like to share some thoughts, I'd love to hear.
















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