Major Arcana Spreads

The Fool
The Magician
The High Priestess
The Empress
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit
The Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged Man
The Devil
The Tower
The Star
The Moon
The Sun
The Last Judgement
The World

Other Spreads

Hekate Spread, or The Triune Path
Court Card Spread

Tarot Cards

The Emperor
The Star
The Moon
The Two of Swords
The Magician
The High Priestess

Tarot Initials

Chariot-Hanged Man
Judgement-Ace of Pentacles




This card was part of another collaborative Tarot deck and represents the World. It came to me in a vision (now you know what a kook I am, as if you hadn't figured that out already) when I was stuck on what to do for the card. I painted it and didn't analyze it at the time, though now I see that the tree is the old axis mundi symbol and the four streams of water are those that flow from paradise or the center of the world. And "Ilmonda"? It's very bad Italian for "the World", with a feminine ending but a masculine article, representing totality and union. (And yeah, I totally planned it that way.)

I really love this card; it's so weird and dreamy and numinous to me. But of course as a gardener with formal leanings I'm a sucker for lollipop trees anyway.





























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