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The Muses are the nine sister Goddesses of Greek mythology who preside over memory, inspiration, and the Arts. Being named after one of them, I take my responsibilities as an Inspiratrix quite seriously. Below is a rather eclectic and eccentric ("eclentic"? "eccectric"?) bunch of links that I have found inspiring, arranged in Muse-type categories. Get lost exploring them--spark off some ideas--seed your unconscious with beauty--go play!



Kalliope, Muse of Epic Poetry and Leader of the Muses
General Resources & Encyclopediae

Tarot Passages--A ginormous site with deck reviews, spreads, articles and a special bonus, several fantastic links pages. THE resource for Things Tarot.
Aeclectic Tarot--This site features deck and book reviews, card lessons and information, readings, and a Tarot forum, as well as images and descriptions from more than 500 Tarot and Oracle decks.
Tarot-L--Fantastic mailing list to discuss Tarot, where all are welcome, from beginners to old hands.

Goddesses & Gods
Chinaroad Löwchens Deities Links--What the eff, you may well ask, is a really excellent collection of God and Goddess links doing on a site dedicated to dog breeding? It sure confused me at first, but after some pondering I think that it's meant as a resource for finding exotic names for purebred Löwchen dogs. I'm a cat person myself, but I definitely recommend this page.
It has a nigh-overwhelming list of links to sites about Gods and Goddesses from everywhere on the planet, including deities and cultures I'd never heard of, which is saying something. You can get pleasantly lost among these links for days, so you might want to fill the cat bowl and tell the post office to hold your mail.

Pagan/Witchy Stuff
The Witches' Voice--The One and Only. If you've never been there, it's a ridiculously thorough resource site with articles, essays, networking, events, news, and way more, updated daily. Goddess bless Wren and Fritz!

Artcyclopedia--A wonderful searchable encyclopedia of art and artists. You can search by artist, title, or subject, with many links to artwork and collections. Check out their category of women artists!
Art Magick--As the name implies, a gathering of magical and mysterious art such as work by the Pre-Raphaelites and Symbolists.


Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy
Serious stuff. Excellent pages dedicated to ancient cultures and history. Generally lots of very useful pictures.

British Museum's artifact search engine, called Compass. Browse through artifacts from the collection in the British Museum, with stuff from many many cultures and time periods. Another place you can get deliciously lost.
British Museum's Queen of Sheba exhibit. Little known and harder to find stuff about the ancient kingdom of Saba, also known as Sheba. These are the folk who worshipped the likes of Al-Uzza and Allat. Crazy cubey style, very modern looking, and 2000 years old. It's unbelievable how beautiful the Sabaic script is! Wonderful resource on Petra and the Nabateans, pre-Islamic northern Arab culture and mythology and the like.
Another Wonderful Petra site, from an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Lotsa pictures. Nicely researched site all about the Continental Celtic Horse Goddess, Her history, depictions, inscriptions, worship and more.
The Thylacine Museum. An example of "tragedy" in its modern sense--the thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian wolf or Tasmanian tiger, is believed to be extinct (though I'm one of the romantics who thinks the recent unconfirmed sightings are probably true). A beautiful site devoted to this amazing animal, with many many pictures, including some silent footage taken in the 30's of thylacines in various zoos that are just heartbreaking.


Polyhymnia, Muse of Sacred Song
Great pages specializing in individual pantheons of goddesses and gods.

Pre-Islamic Deities list--lots of hard-to-find info about Arab religion before the coming of Islam. An excerpt from a book on Hindu temples by Sita Ram Goel.
Norse Gods, Goddesses, Giants, Dwarves and Wights--another ridiculously thorough site, this time on Things Norse.
Miercinga Ríce Anglo-Saxon Heathen Pages--Info about Anglo-Saxon deities (which include goddesses like Eostre), culture and worship. I especially like the projected Old English names of the Gods.
Nabatean Pantheon--Straight to's deity page on the religion of the Nabateans, a Northern Arabian pre-Islamic culture who built the marvelous rock-cut cities of Petra and Madain Saleh.


Klio, Muse of History and Fame
Artists who deserve to be far more well known. Favorites and influences of mine to trumpet from the hills.

Richard Dadd
I was touring the Tate Gallery in London when BAM! I collided with my favorite painting ever, Bacchanalian Scene, by a guy I'd never heard of, Richard Dadd. Dadd was a Victorian fairy painter who in his early twenties developed schizophrenia/severe bi-polar disorder and then murdered his father. He spent the rest of his life in an institution, where he continued painting. Some, not all, of his paintings have a fey, alien quality to them. The best I can say is that his humans are not human, and have a genuine wildness to them, a deep unconsciousness, impartial and malevolent, like looking into the eyes of a leopard. Gorgeous yet disturbing. Very compelling.
Marc Demarest's Richard Dadd Page Lots of links.'s Dadd Page

Remedios Varo
A Spanish Surrealist painter who fled to Mexico when the Nazis invaded France. Her stuff is so gorgeous, and is very intuitive and dreamlike, and truly--I'm not sure quite what else to call it--female. Another all-time favorite painting of mine is her Spiral Transit.
Sara Joan Weber's Remedios Varo Site Quite a few pictures of Remedios' work. Also the design of the site itself is gorgeous!
Mad Scientist Network's Remedios Varo site
Remedios Varo Links. Many many many Remedios Varos links.

Arnold Böcklin
German/Swiss Symbolist
Wonderful Arnold Böcklin Site Very many pictures, In English and en français!

Harry Clarke
Harry Clarke Page, Irish art nouveau illustrator and artist. His illustrations for Faust are very beautiful and rather disturbing.


Euterpe, Muse of Lyric Poetry
Links to marvelous contemporary Goddess and spiritual art

Gorgeous goddess sculptures! Bronze and stone Goddess sculptures by Australian sculptress Joan Relke.
Michael Parkes Magical realism, very lovely paintings. He's definitely been on a Klimt kick lately.
Goddess Paintings by Iain Lowe at Duach Mythic Art. Goddess art of (mostly) Celtic deities. His Onagh drawing is so beautiful!
Wondrous Vulva Puppet Collection Really really beautiful soft-sculpture vulva puppets, made from silk velvets and satins, hand embroidered and beaded by artist Dorrie Lane, and named for various Goddesses.


Terpsichore, Muse of Dance
Others dancing the Spiral Dance, goddess and witchy sites.

Moonspell--The site of Skekhinah Mountainwater, author of the book Ariadne's Thread. Sign up for a study circle, take classes, or join her Womanspirit e-group.


Ourania, Muse of Astronomy
Tarot and Oracular resources for star-gazers.

The Healing Tarot Site. Jennifer Moore's site. A ridiculously talented person I just happen to know, who has made a lovely photo Tarot deck.
Nigel Jackson Tarot Deck. My current favorite Tarot deck.

Erato, Muse of Erotic Poetry

Stuff I just love...

Chalkhills XTC site XTC have such really, really, good Boy Energy. So healthy!
Sur La Lune Fairy Tale Illustrators Site. Lots of great pictures from classic illustrators like Edmund Dulac, Harry Clarke, Kay Nielsen and a whole bunch of others!

Nim Po't Mayan Textiles Site. Yes, it is a retail site, but there is an astonishing selection of modern Mayan textiles from Guatemala collected here, arranged by village. Another place to get lost for hours. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
Unique Australian Animals Site. Because the coolest animals live in Australia--I mean, they have pouches and some of the mammals lay eggs! Never mind the Outback poetry of names like numbat, wallaby, bilby, cuscus, pademelon, koala, bandicoot, kangaroo, and puggle (which is what baby echidnas are called!) Also, check out the Best EVER!! Drawing of a Tasmanian Devil,by Nicholas or Sam of the Anderson's Creek Primary School (about halfway down the page on the right).

Thalia, Muse of Comedy
Because Silliness Heals!

The Sheba Site-- A very funny comic book/graphic novel series whose main character is a dead cat. That is, a mummified dead cat who hangs around with the old Gods of Egypt trying to get to the afterlife. Featuring myriad Gods from all kinds of cultures (Mayan, Hindu, Greek, Egyptian) interacting with uppity newcomers like that Jesus guy. Lotsa detailed pen and ink work, too. One of my favorites--and I'm not just saying that because the writer/artist is my little brother Wally! Check it out!
The Official Weird Al Yankovic Site! There is no mood so black this man's music can't cure it. A real force for healing and goodness in this world--he has been quoted as saying that people write to tell him they were suicidal, but decided not to do it after listening to his songs. Damn I love Weird Al!
The Official They Might Be Giants Site--More humor, silliness and healing. (And yes, their name does ultimately derive from Don Quixote's obsession with tilting at windmills. Why? Because "They might be giants.")
They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song--oh what fun! The online version where you can listen to random (mostly) unreleased TMBG songs. I spent quite some time there recently. What a gift!
The Onion--The only place to get your news online.
Chocolate Goddess Site--Such gorgeous work, so beautifully and tastefully done, yet so inherently silly! This site proves that you really can find anything on the internet, and features an assortment of really nice statues/plaques of gods and goddesses cast in chocolate, gift-wrapped and sent to your door. You can get a dark chocolate Venus of Willendorf there, fer cryin' out loud! How cool is that?
Marxism--no, I'm not talking Karl, rather Leonard, Arthur, Julius, Milton and Herbert (and of course Arthur is my favorite--actually he was born Adolf, but changed his name to Arthur. You'd think with a name like "Adolf Marx" he'd be a shoe-in for leading some sort of brutal Fascist/Nazi/Communist mess, but, no, instead he played the harp and went about things with his own beautifully and tricksy destructive ways. I love Harpo!)
The Agony Booth--Hilarious reviews of really, REALLY bad movies, with a Star Trek theme to boot! Lotsa Mr. T movies, as well as such classic fare as "The Night of the Lepus", a "horror" movie starring DeForest Kelly in which giant killer bunny rabbits terrorize the Southwest. I had big fat tears rolling down my face reading that one and a real hard time breathing (no exaggeration), and I haven't even seen the movie! Wonderful!
My Cat Hates You--a classic. Pictures of cats with strange expressions, coupled with whacked-out captions usually involving drug references or devious plans to destroy humanity. I can't decide if my favorite is this one, or this one.
Stuff On My Cat--sort of in the same vein as the above, but with photos of cats with various stuff on top of them (no, nothing heavy), divided into subsections like "Gadgets on my cat", "Tech on my Cat", "Food on my cat", &c. Very silly site, run by, you guessed it, a couple of college kids. That wacky internet!




Paint! Play! Compose! Sing! Dance! Laugh! Be Inspired!
Go with joy in this world!