So many old Sims 1 sites have vanished—POOF!—into the aether lately; Jack Wolfsim's disappearance, however, was especially heartbreaking for us skinners, as a large part of the site consisted of Das Mesh-Projekt, The Mesh Project, in which all the 'missing' meshes were filled in, by I assume the simmers DenMC and Jacki. So if, for example, Maxis only has a version of one dress in the fit body type, they made meshes for the same dress for fat and skinny as well.

As far as I know Jack Wolfsim had a file share friendly policy, so I am putting Das Mesh-Projekt up here as an archive, as it is an invaluable resource. I am going to assume that 'file share friendly' includes permission to use the illustrations for the meshes too, as they really are necessary to see what's what. I could not find an email for the original site owner, and am guessing a bit; I hope I am not stepping on anyone's toes, and apologize if I am. I have kept it in English, also, although the original site was in German and English; I know no German and fear I would screw it up quite badly if I tried. Credit for bmps, meshes, and gif illustrations here of course goes to Jack Wolfsim.

If you have any questions or problems, if you find any broken or incorrect links, or especially if you have an email address for or way to get in contact with the original site owner (or if you are the original site owner), do please contact me here.

Thank you also to Sita at the Simblesse Oblige forum, who had the foresight to save everything from Jack Wolfsim.

Below are links to the subsections of Das Mesh-Projekt, organized like the original site by expansion pack. There are a few meshes missing here and there (especially in the Maxis Skin Packs section); as far as I can figure they were missing in the original.


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