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Alpan, like Achuvitr, is an Etruscan Goddess about Whom not much is known. She is probably one of the Lasas, fate Goddesses who have Underworld connections. Like many other Etruscan Goddesses, She was often shown bearing great wings. Her name means "Gift" or "Offering", with "Willingness" implied; perhaps on this basis, and the fact that She is usually portrayed free of clothing, She is sometimes called a love goddess. Additionally, others call Alpan a Goddess of springtime, who creates the myriad plants that come forth from the ground, and in some depictions She is shown holding bouquets of flowers or leaves. Like Venus, Alpan may have been both a love Goddess and spring Goddess, as love and spring do go together nicely. She seems to have survived into 19th century Tuscany ([E]T[r]uscany) as the fairy Alpena, who was also called La Bellaria (which probably translates to "Beautiful One of the Air"), a sprite of the air and light who is the goddess of flowers, spring and beauty, associated with the sky, clouds, and rainbow.

Yet other sources call Alpan the Queen of the Underworld or leader of the Lasas, and, like Lasa Herself, Alpan is sometimes shown carrying an alabastron, or perfume-jar. As the Lasae are considered a group of related Fate-Goddesses, so Alpena of Tuscany is part of the group of winged spirits of the air, collectively called the Bellarie. She may also be related to Thesan, the Goddess of the dawn.

She has been tentatively linked with Harmonia, Concordia, and Persephone.

Alternate spellings: Alpanu, Alpnu, Apanu