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Aretsaya is a Phoenician Goddess of the Earth and Underworld. She is the youngest of the "renowned brides" of the Epic of Ba'al, with Her elder sisters Pidraya and Talaya. Some sources call Them the daughters of the great Mother Goddess Athirat, though in the Epic They are named the daughters of Ba'al. In the tale, Ba'al is upset that He does not have a palace as befits His rank, and complains that not only does Lady Athirat have a splendid dwelling, but His three daughters each have their own palace as well!

Aretsaya's name means "She of the Earth", and in the Epic Her full title is 'Aretsaya bat Ya'abdar. "Ya'abdar" has several meanings which encompass ideas of "wide", "flowing", and "fields", and is usually interpreted as "Aretsaya, Daughter of Ample Flows", referring perhaps to flooded or irrigated fields. Another interpretation makes Her name "Daughter of the Wide World"; this is quite similar to the Mesopotamian term for the Underworld, "the Broad Land", and Her name does correspond to the Akkadian Allatum, the Underworld Goddess. As a chthonic Goddess of the dark underearth, the flooded field imagery might indicate a ruined crop; or the watered fields might simply be well irrigated and flourishing and imply prosperity in Her role as Earth Goddess. She may also be a Goddess of the marshes.

Other spellings: Arsai, Arsay, Arsy. She is related to Allatum of Akkad, an Underworld Goddess and consort of Nergal, God of War and Disease.