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Pidraya is a Canaanite Goddess of lightning. She is the eldest of the three daughters of Ba'al, the storm God, mentioned in the Epic of Ba'al, and one of the "Perfect Brides" Whose palaces make Ba'al jealous that He himself does not have a suitable home. Pidraya's full title is Pidraya bat 'Ar, which translates to "Flashing or Bright, daughter of Light or Mist", and She is called the Maiden of Light. Later in the same narrative, when Ba'al has nearly completed His palace, He has to be talked into putting windows in the thing, as He does not want His daughters (or Pidraya and Talaya at any rate) to be seen or abducted by His enemy Yam, the River or Ocean God Whom He has previously vanquished. But He is persuaded by the wisdom God Kothar-u-Khasis (Whose name means "Skillful and Clever") to have one installed. When He opens the window, He also opens "a rift in the clouds" and thunder and lightning are sent forth, to the dismay of His enemies. This window allows His daughters to escape and provide the earth with life-giving rains.

In some translations Her name comes to "the Plump Damsel", which likely refers both to an ample standard of female beauty as well as to the rich land that grows fat with produce.

Pidraya is considered a fertility or nature Goddess due to Her connection with the lightning and rain that nourish and quicken the crops, and Her beauty as a "renowned bride" attracts the interest of Athtar, a son of Athirat Who was chosen to reign in place of Ba'al. He was not up to the task, however, and descended from the heavens to become king over the Earth instead.

Pidraya's sisters are Aretsaya and Talaya, and They are sometimes considered the daughters of Athirat. Alternately, Talaya is considered a daughter of Pidraya; and/or Pidraya is the consort of Ba'al Sapon, the God of the holy mountain of Saphon or Tsapan, the modern Jebel 'el-Aqra.

Alternate spellings: Pidray, Pidrai, Pdry. She may be the Peraia mentioned by Philo.