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Discordia is the Roman Goddess of Discord or Strife, in opposition to Concordia, the Goddess of Harmony. Her name means "disagreement" or "dissention", and can also refer to sedition or mutiny in a military context. She is most probably a Roman version of the Greek Eris, the Goddess of Strife who was responsible for beginning the Trojan War by tossing a pretty golden apple inscribed with the words "To the Most Beautiful" into the company of the Gods; unsurprisingly, several Goddesses immediately said, "Well, that must mean me, of course!" and the ensuing problems led to the abduction of Helen of Sparta by one Paris. Discordia is also identified with the Greek Ate, the Goddess of Mischief (said to be the daughter of Eris), whose favorite pastime is tripping up both mortals and immortals, making them do stupid things that they later regret.

Discordia is mentioned in Virgil's Aeneid as a friend of Bellona, the War-Goddess, and Discordia was a part of Her retinue along with other like Deities such as Mars, the War God; Vacuna, a Sabine War-Goddess; personifications of fear such as Fuga ("Flight" or "Fleeing"), Pallor ("Paleness", just like it looks), Timor ("Dread"), and Pavor ("Panic"); and the Furies, Goddesses of Vengeance. This band also included some Deities representing the nobler aspects of war such as Honos ("Honor", "Good Reputation"), Virtus ("Strength" or "Character", though it can also mean "Army" or "Host"), Victoria, Goddess of Victory, and Vitula, Goddess of Joy (Who is presumably joyous when a battle is won).

Discordia does not seem to have much mythology of Her own, and what there is is borrowed from Eris; though personality-wise She is rather more warlike and ferocious. Virgil describes Her quite vividly: he calls Her "lunatic Discordia" Who resides at the entrance to Hell; She takes part in battle with joy, "exulting in Her torn mantle" and is said to have "viperine hair... caught up with a headband soaked in blood".