Fortuna Obsequens, "Indulgent or Yielding Fortune", or "Fortune Who Humors", is an aspect of the Roman Goddess of Luck, Fortuna. As per the usual depictions of Fortuna, Fortuna Obsequens was usually shown with a rudder and cornucopia; however sometimes She has a patera, or offering dish, perhaps referring to Her especial tendency to hear and grant prayers in response to libations offered, as indicated by Her title of "Indulgent".

Fortuna Obsequens had a shrine in Rome on the street named for Her, the Vicus Fortunae Obsequens, perhaps on the Caelian Hill, the most south-easterly of the seven hills. It was said to have been built there by Servius Tullius, an early King of Rome. There may have been another temple to Her in the city, which was said to have been restored by one Antonine, though which one I can't tell, as it was a very common name.

Her name was sometime (mis)spelled on coins as Fortuna Opsequens.

Obsequens is also an ephitet of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty.






































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