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Yabarodmay, rendered in the Ugaritic text as Ybrdmy, is a beautiful daughter of Athtart (Ashtart or Astarte, Her more familiar Greek name) the great Goddess of love and war, and Ba'al, the storm God. As told in The Marriage of Yarikh and Nikkal, dating from about 1400 BCE, Yarikh, the moon God, approaches Khirkhibi, the God of summer and the father of the orchard Goddess Nikkal to ask for Her hand in marriage. Khirkhibi is reluctant, and suggests that Yarikh instead wed Pidraya or Yabarodmay, both daughters of Ba'al. Yarikh refuses, having set His sights on Nikkal alone, and eventually Khirkhibi relents and the two are wed.

Yabarodmay is sister to the earth God Athtar. Not much else is known of Her, except that She is beautiful, and single at the time of the legend.

Also called: Yaparodmay, Ybrdmy.