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Court Card Spread

This spread came about because, like a lot of people, I didn't quite know what to do with court cards. If they are supposed to be people or aspects of your personality, then they naturally have a hard time fitting in to some positions in a spread, like outside events, or ideals for example. So this spread puts the different cards in positions that fit with the types of card they are (majors, pips, and courts).

For this spread you will need to divide the deck up into three piles: Major Arcana, pips (including the aces), and court cards. Shuffle each pile and then from the court card pile lay out cards 1 and 2 as in the diagram, face down.

From the majors lay out cards 3 and 6; and from the pips, 4 and 5 (all face down).

Now, turn them all over in the order in the diagram.

Card 1: This represents your self, your conscious mind and sense of who you are.

Card 2: This card represents your shadow, the night side of your self.

Card 3: This represents where you are in your life: which path you're on, how far along you are, intersections and surroundings.

Card 4: This is what will or can help you.

Card 5: This is what will or can hinder you.

Card 6: This is a gift, an archetype to consider, a major theme in your life that may bring harmony or strife, but will certainly bring richness.

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