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The Hierophant Tarot Spread

A spread exploring your relation to the holy.

Shuffle the deck and lay out per the diagram at right, all face down. Turn each card over as you read them, one at a time.

Card 1: Sacred Earth. How you see (or don't see) the element of earth as holy and beautiful. This card represents the divine body, your own and this earth's, the environment, body image, sex, prosperity, abundance and your relation and attitudes towards these things. Can also point out problems in these areas, for example sexual guilt or negative perceptions of your own body.

Card 2: Sacred Water. This card represents emotional and intuitive beauty and holiness, your faith, coincidences, chance, and the beauty of serendipity. Can be things you just know, deep down. Also undercurrents and the depths, mysteries and the unexplained, and your relations and attitudes towards this.

Card 3: Sacred Air. This card represents the divine mind. It can be knowledge and learning of the holy, history, education, and the wonder and holiness of science. Ability to learn. How you see religion rationally, the ego's take on it all.

Card 4: Sacred Fire. This card represents the holiness of life, the unstoppable forces, the life force. It is that which drives you, your inner passions and reactions to them; your calling.

Card 5: Sacred Spirit. This card represents religious experiences you have had, glimpses of magic and surpassing beauty, the dream-feel of the holy, things from your own past. It can be epiphanies, things you have seen, or things you have not seen, and why.

Card 6: Sacred Self. The card represents your overall reaction to religion and traditions of the holy, your religious upbringing, society's expectations concerning religion, problems, good or bad experiences, blocks or paths to the sacred.

Problem cards can represent areas that need attention: they can be blocks or difficulties with that element or aspect of your relationship to the divine.

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