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The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Spread

This spread is good in a time of change, and can help you identify where you are in the various cycles of your life. These can be things that are all happening at once, or represent a general cycle you are going through.

Shuffle the deck and lay out per the diagram at right.

Card 1: This represents you, sitting in the middle of the wheel; whether you are there calmly and centered, or if you're fighting this.

Card 2: This point in the cycle represents that which is sleeping or fallow or dead, the quiet winter and dark rich earth from which seeds sprout. It may not look like anything's going on, but this place is necessary and needed; it is the rest from which you will wake, renewed.

Card 3: This card represents what is coming to be; new things that are growing, spring.

Card 4: This is things that are at their height, the summer's glory; something that you can be most successful with right now, an idea whose time is right.

Card 5: This card represents the things that are passing away, that are no longer needed, or that are dying now, the autumn.

Card 6: This is Dame Fortune Herself, turning the Wheel: the overall theme of Fate in your life right now.

With which card on the rim of the wheel does the card representing you have the most in common? With which card and position do you identify the strongest?

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