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Justice Tarot Spread

This spread is for weighing matters, making decisions, for seeing things fairly, and for discernment.

Shuffle the deck and lay out the cards as at right.

Card 1: This card represents one point of view, one side of the matter, one choice or decision.

Card 2: This card represents the other side, the flip side, an opposing but connected view, the other choice or decision.

Card 3: This card represents an aspect of the first side that perhaps you hadn't considered; it gives depth, a more complete picture, revealing hidden strengths or conflicts.

Card 4: This card is like card 3, but it defines the second choice or side more clearly.

Card 5: This card is the balance, the weight that is adjusted to bring the two into balance, a compromise that is equitable to both. Or, it can represent advice in a decision as to which is the stronger choice.

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