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Zeus is the Greek sky God and King of the Olympian Gods. He is brother and husband to Hera, Queen of the Gods, by whom He fathered Ares, Ilithyia and Hebe, and the father of many others besides--Apollo and Artemis by Leto; Hermes by the nymph Maia; Athena, whose mother was Metis; Dionysos by Semele; Persephone (also called Kore) by His sister Demeter; the Charities or Graces, the Muses, the Horae (the Seasons), the Morae (the Fates), and many many mortal heroes and heroines, including Heracles, Polydeuces, Minos (father of Ariadne), Perseus, and the incomparable Helen, Queen of Sparta, for whose sake the Trojan War was fought.

His name comes from a root meaning "Bright Sky".

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