Just on a lark, I made some blue-skinned aliens from the planet Tetroculon IV. In fit for now; found under dark skin tone. Hands and nude included with each bmp, though since I've given them all the same name after the underscore you really only need one copy of them.

The heads can be found here.

Click on the picture for the zip of the bmp(s); on the mesh-name under the picture for the zip of the mesh.

B17Yfafit by Milky Sims

Balloon dress in black, yellow, and blue worn with fun high-top sneakers.

B719fafit by Maxis (HP)

Long fitted dress in space-age black and silver with a hint of starry sparkle to it.

B10Yfafit by Milky Sims

White and silver Space Princess dress that would be right at home in Leia Organa's closet.

B527fafit by Maxis (SS)

Cap-sleeved jacket in a grey-green with silver banding, apparently by the same designer as the black dress previously; or perhaps that is just the fashion du jour on Tetroculon IV. Worn with off-white fitted trousers and silver moon boots.

B04Yfafit by Milky Sims

Dramatic and somewhat risqué one-sleeved sheath dress in shades of Prussian blue with copper buckles as accents worn over a gown the color of burnished copper.

L717fafit by Maxis (HP)

Comfy pyjamas in shades of blue and buff with a geometric design.

S100fafit by Maxis (TS)

A fun futuristic swimsuit in black and silver; it uses the basic Maxis swimsuit mesh, so if you can play the game you already have this mesh.