A whole batch of kitchenware in Candy Red, including appliances and two sets of counters, as well as matching walls and floors. Featuring the ProLine set of appliances, and CounterIntuitive! brand countertops. Perfect for your 1930s kitchen, or if you're going for that neato retro look. Click on the picture to download the iff, wll, or flr.

CookPro Range in Candy Red

Four burners, two drawers, and two ovens (but only one oven window--you don't need to see what's cooking in both of them, do you?) distinguish this retro-tastic range in bright red enamel. Also included: a clock that is correct twice a day!

CookPro, part of the ProLine appliance family. Cook like a pro with CookPro!

CleanPro Dishwasher in Candy Red

Is it vintage or retro? Does it matter? The past is the wave of the future with this stylish dishwasher in Candy Red--and it gets your dishes squeaky clean, too!

CleanPro Dishwashers, proud member of the ProLine appliance family. Clean like a pro with CleanPro!

CoolPro C&C Fridge in Candy Red

This stylishly fabulous fridge in bright candy red is perfect for the retro kitchen. And it's cloned off a C&C à la Carte Fridge, so your Sims will have some serious meal choices now.

CoolPro, part of the ProLine family of appliances. Be as cool as a pro with CoolPro!

Note: you will need the six food files from C&C Enterprises for this fridge to work properly. If you don't already have them, download them individually here:

Asian Meals
Hot Meals
Light Meals

CrushPro Trash Compactor in Candy Red

Sleek retro styling and a bright red paint job with judicious touches of chrome make the CrushPro trash compactor a real smash!

CrushPro, part of the ProLine appliance family. Crush like a pro with CrushPro!

CounterIntuitive! Red and White Counter 1

The sleek retro design and durable CounterIntuitive! brand countertop agglomerate means this counter is here for the long run—or at least until it comes back in style again!

CounterIntuitive! Red and White Counter 2

Three drawers and a door give a beguiling assymmetrical twist to this retro-stylish counter in clean white. Red countertop looks delicate but will withstand just about anything you can dish out.

Remember, it's CounterIntuitive!

CounterIntuitive! Red and White Counter 3

Tough red countertop by CounterIntuitive! tops this retro-fashionable counter with a pair of doors inset with patterned metal screens. Perfect for under the sink!

CounterIntuitive! Black and White Counter 1

Sleek retro lines and pleasing symmetry joined with the elegance of a monochromatic color palette make this counter topped with CounterIntuitive! brand countertop agglomerate not only ridiculously stylish but ridiculously durable too.

CounterIntuitive! Black and White Counter 2

This stylish counter in pianotastic black and white adds a touch of retro to your kitchen experience. Durable CounterIntuitive! brand countertop will withstand typical or atypical kitchen wear. Three drawers make perfect containers for spatulas, silverware, or assorted junk, while the door opens to a cabinet perfect for pots and pans.

CounterIntuitive! Black and White Counter 3

This retro-fabulous counter in minimalist white with black CounterIntuitive! agglomerate is just the thing if you've a hankering to get back to basics. Cutwork insets in the doors and "drawer" allow ventilation and make this counter a perfect choice for under the sink.

Retro Cherry Tile Wallpaper

Cheery cherries on a white background, with white and red tile below, perfect for your retro kitchen or bathroom.

Retro Dots Wallpaper

Fun polka dots on a two-toned red striped background, over the classic combination of black and white tile.

Retro Ogee Wallpaper

Version of an actual vintage wallpaper in shades of red with overlapping ogee shapes.

Retro Plaid Wallpaper

Somewhat Japanese-influenced wallpaper pattern of red and white diagonal plaid with sprigs of snowberries, above black and white tile.

Red and White Linoleum Floor

Well, whitish, anyway. Great for kitchens or old-school school hallway floors.

Black and Red Linoleum Floor

Retro linoleum floor tiles in red and black; will tile nicely with the red and white version.