So far a group of dryades in autumn-inspired colors, for oak, beech, and birch, originally made for the Autumn Challenge at the Simblesse Oblige forum. Thanks again to mdamlady for the head shots in SimPose.

Click on the picture for the zip of the bmp(s); on the mesh-name under the picture for the zip of the mesh.

B341fafit by Jerome

Proper dryad, meaning, of the oak. Skin the color of an acorn, dress and hair the color of autumn oak leaves. Green triskeles painted under eyes. Under medium skin tone, but it doesn't match regular medium, being its own thing. Comes with hands and nude.

LJ27fafit by Jerome

Buyable nightie for dryad, in pattern of autumn oak leaf.

S100fafit by Maxis (TS)

Buyable swimsuit for our dryad, of oak bark and autumn oak leaves (looks itchy if you ask me). This mesh comes with the game, so you only need to download the texture map.

CK50fa by MJ at the Simarillion (closed)

Oak-tree dryad head, with hair the red/green color of autumn oak leaves, and with green triskeles painted on her cheeks.

BJ07fafit by Jerome

Copper beech-tree dryad in long gown with train to look like root flare. Green in between 'roots' same color as grass, so when outdoors she blends in and looks like a tree. Classified in light skin tone, but not the same as standard Maxis light. Hands and nude included.

LJ27fafit by Jerome

Buyable nightie taken from a copper beech leaf.

S100fafit by Maxis (TS)

Buyable swimsuit of autumnal beech leaves. As above, mesh comes with the game so you don't need to download one.

CF15fa by SCMI

Copper-beech dryad head with hair the color of autumn copper-beech leaves.

B359faskn by Jerome

Birch-tree dryad in dress of birch-bark; skin the color of paper birch bark. Light skin, though obviously not the Maxis standard; hands and nude included. Skinny body type.

L359faskn by Jerome

Buyable nightgown for birch faerie; wraps around and ties in back. Patterned after bright yellow autumnal birch leaf.

S100faskn by Maxis (TS)

Buyable string bikini of strung-together yellow birch leaves; mesh is Maxis and included with basic game.

C0K3fa by FrillySims (closed)

Two versions of birch-tree dryad head, in hair like yellow autumn birch leaves, or in black and white like birch bark.