Skins, meshes and some objects this time, including a dozen Aztec women, some Celts, little Viking girls and Johnny Burb's Goth phase; also a whole lot of Colonial American-themed things, including a set of women's skins, fireplaces, several sets of walls to match the fireplaces plus some exterior clapboard walls.

Oh and how could I forget the blue-skinned alien women of Tetroculon IV!


Variation of the Greek peplos without overfold; used by Iron Age Celts and the like.


Aztec women's ensemble with loosely fitted huipilli (blouse) and cueitl (skirt).


Long medieval-type girl's dress with close-fitted sleeves.


Colonial American gown with ruffled sleeves.

B3AHfafit by me

Dress in Turkey red print; lace shawl at neck. For light skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

Linen dress dyed with black walnut hulls; ruching on the front has a center ribbon. Lace flounces at the elbow with matching lace kerchief. For light skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

Blue-violet brocade with swags and sprigs of flowers over an olive-green petticoat. Ruching decorates the front. Pink bows at elbows and around neck, tied in a bow in back. For light skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

And a witch, of course, because the silhouette is just perfect. Black caraco (skirted jacket) over matching skirt, with grey striped apron; buckles on shoes and down front. Light skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

White skirt with purple-brown caraco; shawl wraps around and ties in the back. For medium skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

Icy turquoise blue dress with sheer lace apron over. Ruching at neckline and sleeves. For medium skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

Dress in so-called Chinese yellow, actually dyed with weld, also called dyer's greenweed, as it makes a greenish yellow that then overdyes with blue to make a good green. Ruching decorating bodice, skirt and petticoat. Medium skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

Black and grey striped witch outfit, worn with a dingy grey lace shawl. Red stockings for that extra bit of societal transgression. Medium skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

Yellow dress with flowers in red and green with pink ruffled petticoat; bodice has a matching bow. For dark skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

Colonial dress in indigo linen with four bows down the front; petticoat is embroidered with sprigs and a border at bottom. Dark skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

Lavender and white stripe with roses scattered over; ruching at neckline, on bodice and down skirt opening. Quilted petticoat matches the bows at neck and sleeves. Dark skin tone.

B3AHfafit by me

Black homespun witch's outfit with grey petticoat and a row of pewter buttons down the front. Dark skin tone.

B3ACfafit by me

Dress for Nerdanel, whose husband was Fëanor; grey brocade with black bodice embroidered with silver and set with red jewels. Pale skin tone; hands and nude included.

B341fafit by Jerome

A rather Zuhair Murad inspired dress in burgundy, black and silver. Spiderweb black lace on the bodice and sleeves; choker of black beads has dangly bits in the back. Not set as formal but that's easy enough to change if you like. Also this came out way hotter than I intended, especially the back view. For dark skin tone.

B17Yfafit by Milky Sims

Balloon dress in black, yellow, and blue worn with fun high-top sneakers, for the blue-skinned alien women of Tetroculon IV. Under dark skin tone; hands and nude included with each, though you'll only need one copy of them as I've given them all the same name after the underscore.

B719fafit by Maxis (HP)

Long fitted dress in space-age black and silver with a hint of starry sparkle to it. For dark (blue) skin tone.

B10Yfafit by Milky Sims

White and silver Space Princess dress that would be right at home in Leia Organa's closet.

B527fafit by Maxis (SS)

Cap-sleeved jacket in a grey-green with silver banding, apparently by the same designer as the black dress previously; or perhaps that is just the fashion du jour on Tetroculon IV. Worn with off-white fitted trousers and silver moon boots.

B04Yfafit by Milky Sims

Dramatic and somewhat risqué one-sleeved sheath dress in shades of Prussian blue with copper buckles as accents worn over a gown the color of burnished copper.

L717fafit by Maxis (HP)

Comfy pyjamas in shades of blue and buff with a geometric design.

S100fafit by Maxis (TS)

A fun futuristic swimsuit in black and silver; it uses the basic Maxis swimsuit mesh, so if you can play the game you already have this mesh.

B203fcchd by Maxis (MM)

Gothy little girl's dress in grey stripes; black lace down front and at hem. Worn with granny boots. For light skin tone.

B51Ofcchd by Corry's Skin Factory

Girl's Gothy party dress in lavender zig-zag with black lace over; bows at waist trail ribbons. For light skin tone.

B52Cfcchd by Corry's Skin Factory

Girl's gothy party dress in electric blue with silver-grey trim with black lace over, worn with pumpkin orange tights. For light skin tone.

B3AFfafit by me

Dress modelled on the Huldremose dress, found in a bog in Denmark. Not quite Celtic, maybe, but fairly close. Elaborate tartan in shades of brown and blue is after another textile from the same period. Bronze pins and armbands, and necklace of cobalt blue glass.

B3AFfafit by me

Bog-type dress in an authentic green made from weld overdyed with woad, with blue and yellow stripes worn over a weld-yellow linen sleeved tunic. Amber necklace and gold brooches at shoulders.

B3AFfafit by me

Bog dress in a rich madder red worn over a blue linen tunic; tied at waist with a tablet-woven band. Bronze torc about neck and bronze pins on shoulders; for pale skin. Hands and nude included.

B3AFfafit by me

Bog dress in a medium woad-blue with bronze and amber ornaments. For pale skin tone; hands and nude included.

B3AAfcchd by me

Viking girl's dress in weld yellow with madder red apron; tablet woven trim on dress in woad blue and madder. Blue beads between bronze brooches.

B3AAfcchd by me

Viking girl's dress and apron in shades of blue with green trim and amber beads.

B3AAfcchd by me

Dress in deep chestnut red with tannish apron; glass beads in yellow, red and black hang from bronze brooches.

B3AAfcchd by me

Viking dress and apron in shades of green with reddish tablet-woven trim.

B722MCChd by Maxis (HP)

Loose Royal Stewart tartan pants with a studded belt worn with a mesh shirt under a Bauhaus tank-top.

B722MCChd by Maxis (HP)

Dark corduroy pants and a grey stripey shirt worthy of Pugsley Addams (or John Linnell).

B722MCChd by Maxis (HP)

Baseball shirt in shades of grey and black with Robert Smith's head on the front, over a stripey shirt. Deep red pants with op-art print and red Chuck Taylors.

L501MCChd by Maxis (HD)

Buyable soft grey pyjamas with deep red trim, printed all over with fluttering bats to induce sweet, if slightly batty, dreams. Mesh not included, as if you can buy skins in the game you already have it.

B3AGfafat by me

Aztec woman in red huipilli (blouse) with design down center and cueitl (skirt) with yellow and blue designs, both after statues from the Nayarit culture of western Mexico, about a thousand years earlier than the Aztecs. Triple necklace of turquoise beads.

B3AGfafat by me

Aztec women's outfit in shades of dull indigo and cochineal red; cueitl has a fringe at the bottom. 'Plaid' huipilli after Tarascan textiles; gold jewelry from a drawing in a manuscript.

B3AGfafat by me

Cochineal-dyed huipilli has a yoke in orange, black and white; cueitl has a design of gold rosettes. Gold pendant is Mixtec, who were famed for their artistic talents.

B3AGfafat by me

Huipilli in shades of yellow, red and green is after a modern but traditional Mexican textile; striped cueitl is straight out of an Aztec manuscript. Worn with jaguar-skin sandals (no jaguars were harmed in the making of this skin). Gold drop Mixtec necklace.

B3AGfafit by me

Aztec woman in huipilli (blouse) and cueitl (skirt). The cochineal-dyed huipilli has a grid of flowers; her cueitl has a pattern straight off a statue of Chalchiuhtlicue, the Aztec Goddess of the waters. Turquoise necklace and cuffs.

B3AGfafit by me

Aztec woman in ensemble with designs after a ceramic statue from the Chupicuaro culture, rather earlier than the Aztecs, but not too far geographically. Elaborately-woven cueitl has a multicolored fringe at the bottom; gold bracelets are proper Aztec, as is the necklace in the shape of pendant urns.

B3AGfafit by me

Red, safflower and black huipilli after a design on a Nayarit figurine, from sometime between c.300BCE and c.200CE. Cueitl in a stepped design; gold bracelets and Mixtec pendant of the fire God Xiuhtecuhtli from a good thousand years later.

B3AGfafit by me

Huipilli in shades of red and black on white, directly from a picture in the Florentine Codex, about 1576 CE; cueitl is after one worn by Chicomecoatl, one of the Goddesses of maize. Turquoise bracelets, necklace and anklets.

B3AGfaskn by me

White huipilli with black stripes with red rectangular woven ornament at neckline is straight out of a manuscript; cochineal-dyed cueitl has two borders and a bit of fringe at the bottom. Gold necklace; turquoise bracelets have gold spheres at top edge.

B3AGfaskn by me

Deep indigo huipilli with designs in cochineal red and a lighter blue, after a figurine from Veracruz. Cueitl has a design taken from carved fretwork on the Hall of Columns in Mitla. Turquoise necklace; gold and turquoise bracelets.

B3AGfaskn by me

Green, red, and off-white Aztec women's outfit has designs after those of Veracruz statuettes; cueitl has a border from a manuscript which I'm guessing is hanging white shells. Turquoise disk pendant from the same manuscript has little golden bells.

B3AGfaskn by me

Aztec women's ensemble in shades of cochineal and blue; cueitl has a design from a Nayarit statuette, while stripey huipilli is from a manuscript drawing of a man's tilmatli or cloak. Turquoise collar after a painting of Nezahualpilli, the king of Texcoco.

S100fafit by Maxis (TS)

Ancient Roman 'bikini' after one painted on a statuette of Venus; original is gold leaf on marble with a ridiculous number of golden ornaments, including four bracelets, a necklace, and a criss-cross body chain. The mesh is included with the base game. Light skin tone.

S100fafit by Maxis (TS)

Another version of the 'bikini' from the Venus statuette, but with a Tyrian purple lining under gold openwork. Of course the original didn't actually have a bottom part, because Venus, so I made one to match. Medium skin tone.

S100fafit by Maxis (TS)

And one for dark skin, lined in green.

C3AHfa by me

Celtic (well Danish really) woman's head after the Elling Woman bog body. Blonde with looped braid in back for pale skin tone.

C3AJfa by me

Head for Nerdanel the Wise, known for her remarkable sculpture. Her husband was Fëanor and they had seven sons together; they eventually split because he was a stubborn ass, more or less. Long red ponytail fastens low at the neck with a silver ornament. Pale skin tone.

C3AKfa by me

Aztec woman's head in medium skin tone, with horn-like hairstyle called axtlacuilli worn mostly by married women. Ear disks in jade or some type of greenstone.

C3AKfa by me

Another Aztec woman with the axtlacuilli hairstyle; this time with gold nocochtli or ear disks.

C3AKfa by me

The same face as the last but with some pleasingly dramatic makeup after a Nayarit statuette.

C3AKfa by me

Old lady Aztec face with the horned hairstyle; turquoise nocochtli.

C3ALfa by me

Short bob that was all the rage with the Aztecs; gold nocochtli.

C3AMfa by me

Mid-back length loose hairstyle like that worn by some unmarried Aztec women. Blue tinge to her hair is from being dyed with xiuhquilitl, an herb the Aztecs used to tint hair. Jade nocochtli.

CS54fa by Shay via Ephralon

Alien woman from the planet Tetroculon IV; dark hair falls in a multitude of little braids. Dark skin tone.

C202fa by Maxis (MM)

Another Tetroculonian woman; her purplish-tinted hair is swept up in a bun and held in place by a silver band with green stones. Dark skin tone.

C2GVmc by Gwynovyn of Shrunken Heads via Ephralon

Johnny Burb's Goth-punk phase. He'll probably grow out of it, but who knows; Gerard Way never did. Light skin tone.

C3AAfc by me

Little Viking girl with blonde ponytail. Light skin tone.

Prussian Blue Colonial Fireplace

A Colonial fireplace in a dark slightly greenish blue with some simple but elegant moulding.

Carter Plum Colonial Fireplace

Fireplace in a deep plum features a pair of columns in shallow relief.

Goodwin Green

Hunter's green Colonial fireplace with a round-bellied cauldron placed on the hearth.

Damask Gold Colonial Fireplace

Classic panelled fireplace in sunny Damask Gold.

York Gray Colonial Fireplace

A Colonial fireplace in a warm pale gray we always just called 'putty'; this one features an arched opening and a bit of panelling.

Williamsburg Wythe Blue Fireplace

Dull turquoise Colonial fireplace with some simple moulding; a poker and ash shovel lean against the side.

King's Red Colonial Fireplace

A Colonial fireplace in a warm red after one found in Colonial Williamsburg.

Bassett Hall Green Colonial Fireplace

And one in a shade of lightish olive green, with a bit of fancy moulding and brickwork that hasn't been stuccoed.

Colonial Wall Set

Several sets of Colonial walls to match the fireplaces, plus a set of exterior clapboards.