Some nice sets of Colonial-type walls in the early American style because oddly enough there weren't any out there. Click on the picture for the zip of the wll file.


Interior walls with woodwork in eight colors from Benjamin Moore's Williamsburg collection of authentic early American paint colors. Seriously, I just screencapped the paintchips from their site and eyedroppered the colors straight off them.

The sets include block-printed wallpaper in authentic designs, wallpaper with wainscoting, wainscoting with stencilled designs (many after those of Moses Eaton), plain plaster walls with painted woodwork, and a set of panelled walls that go nicely behind the fireplaces.

Block-printed wallpaper of twisted columns on a floral background of pale grey with Prussian Blue moulding and mopboard.

Floral design on grey background with Carter Plum trim.

Architectural elements shelter mythological figures (I think one of them may be a bitty Brittania—mind those Tory leanings!) on light green wallpaper with trim of Goodwin Green.

Gold French-looking designs on pale blue-grey with Damask Gold trim.

Blue wallpaper with diamond design in a putty-color paired with York Gray trim.

Classical-inspired design in red and blue with urns in panels with trim of Williamsburg Wythe Blue trim.

King's Red trim with wallpaper in vermillion and black on a pale grey background.

Green floral stripes with trim painted with Bassett Hall Green.

Medallion wallpaper in shades of blue with Prussian Blue woodwork.

Block-printed wallpaper in shades of dull purple over wainscoting in Carter Plum.

Diapered wallpaper with woodwork in Goodwin Green.

Vertical garlands in shades of yellow with wainscoting in Damask Gold.

Dark blue sprigs on cream wallpaper paired with woodwork in York Gray.

Design of birds and wreaths over Williamsburg Wythe Blue woodwork.

Classically-inspired in shades of red with grey over King's Red wainscoting.

A subtle design of urns and wreaths over Bassett Hall Green wainscoting.

Prussian Blue woodwork with stencilling of swags at top border.

Stencilled baskets, pineapples and wreaths alternate with stripes over Carter Plum woodwork.

Top stencilled border in an odd pattern over Goodwin Green woodwork.

Stencilled wreaths and stripes over Damask Gold wainscoting.

Alternating stencilled designs with York Gray woodwork.

Stencilled willow trees and crows with gold borders over Williamsburg Wythe Blue woodwork.

King's Red woodwork with stencilled circular designs alternating with vertical sprigs.

Top and bottom stencilled borders over Bassett Hall Green wainscoting.

A plain plaster wall with Prussian Blue woodwork.

Plaster with Carter Plum wainscoting.

Plaster over Goodwin Green woodwork.

Damask Gold woodwork with plain plaster.

York Gray wainscoting with white plaster walls.

Williamsburg Wythe Blue woodwork with white plaster.

Plaster with King's Red woodwork.

Bassett Hall Green woodwork with simple plaster walls.

Panelling in Prussian Blue.

Carter Plum panelling.

Goodwin Green panelled wall.

Panelling in Damask Gold.

York Gray panelled wall.

Williamsburg Wythe Blue panelling.

Panelling in King's Red.

Bassett Hall Green panelling.


A set of clapboards in Williamsburg colors made extra fancy by the beading at each edge.

Clapboards in Capitol White.

Chiswell Blue clapboards.

Carter Plum clapboards.

Clapboards in Travers Red.

Nicolson Green clapboards.

Sweeney Yellow clapboards.

Clapboards in a lovely sea green-grey they're calling Pearl.

Clapboards in Brickyard Clay.