Minoan style furniture and furnishings, some accurate reproductions, some educated guesses. Click on the picture to download the zip of the iff file.

Minoan Wooden and Ivory Small Table

Single-tile Minoan table in a dark wood to match the woodwork, windows, &c. Inlaid with ivory lilies on the apron and a band about the table top.

Minoan Wooden and Ivory Table

Based mostly on a Phoenician table shape, this dark wooden table in the Minoan style is inlaid with ivory ivy leaves. Will match the dark wood frames of the windows, &c.

Minoan Terracotta Sink

Minoan inset terracotta sink after actual examples found in situ, with a Kamares-ware jug of water at hand. Design of spiraling waves from a Mykenaean bathtub.

Gypsum Throne

From the throne room at Knossos, this gypsum throne was found in situ.

Mykenaean Wooden Dining Chair

Wooden version of the gypsum throne, which looks to me like it was a stone version of a wooden one anyway. And yes, Arthur Evans had one of these made up to stick in his hallway.

Or you can put it in your old school Tardis; the Doctor had one kicking around too. Bet his wasn't a repro, though.