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Ameretat (or Amurdad) is the Amesha Spenta of immortality and long life in Zoroastrian thought, a still-living religion which dates back to the ancient Persians (Persia being more or less modern Iran). The Amesha Spenta ('Holy Immortals') are six divine beings Who emanated from the creator divinity Ahura Mazda and Who took part in creation. Three are considered female, and three male.

Her name literally means 'Immortality'; in later texts She is associated with plants, and therefore food, important of course to a long healthy life. I have shown Her here in a garden with flourishing plants, dressed in the ancient Persian style in green and gold; She holds Persian roses, a very strange variety of rose that grows in the area, both for a bit of color, and to allude to the long tradition of using roses and rosewater in Persian cuisine.

This was done as the monthly Goddess by Request for June 2016 over at my Patreon page. It is not actually cut paper but done digitally to look like it; I scanned in quite a few swatches of paper I painted with acrylic to use as patterns, which allowed me a greater freedom to finesse the colors. It's another experiment, which I think worked out pretty well!

This design is available on prints through ArtPal and greeting cards through Zazzle.