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Nana Buluku is a Yoruba and Fon Goddess Who created the cosmos. She created Mawu (the Moon) and Lisa (the Sun) before stepping back from Creation. She is shown as an old, old woman, the oldest of all. Purple is Her color, and water, fish, and the Moon are associated with Her.

She is shown here with a carved calabash (gourd), which represents the two parts of the cosmos; the bottom half represents this world, and the top half the Otherworld of the Gods (Orisha) and the dead. Behind Her is a design meant to evoke swirling galaxies as well as the whirlpool that is the entrance to Her home in some stories; the designs are after the adire cloth made by Yoruba women. The fish design on Her skirt is after a carved door.

Digital art, to look like a linoleum block print. Done for the April Goddess by Request over on my Patreon.

This design is available on prints through ArtPal and on greeting cards through Zazzle.