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Qadesh, or Qetesh, is an ancient Egyptian Goddess Whose name means ‘Holy One’. She may have been imported from Canaan (though She is not attested there as anything other than a title), or She may have been a native Egyptian Goddess heavily influenced by Canaanite religion. She is usually shown nude, with a frontal pose (quite unusual in Egyptian art), with hair similar to Hathor’s. She is sometimes shown standing on the back of a lion, much like Ishtar of the Babylonians, and if often shown holding a lotus in one hand, and a snake (or two) in the other.

She is called ‘Mistress of the Stars’, ‘Great of Magic’, or ‘Beloved of Ptah’ (patron God of craftsmen). She has been called a fertility Goddess, though Her reputation as a ‘sacred harlot’ is probably unwarranted; I’d guess She’s a Goddess of renewal, given the snakes and lotuses She holds. At any rate She was associated with foreign lands and foreign peoples to the Egyptians.

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