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Artemis of Ephesos, also known as Diana of Ephesus, is the name the Greeks gave to the Goddess honored at Ephesos, a city on the western coast of Anatolia (roughly modern Turkey). Back in the day, the city was right on the coast, overlooking a harbor; but the harbor has since silted up and the site is a good two miles inland now.

This Goddess is famous for Her odd (to Greek eyes) cult-statue: a tall, pillar-like form hung with garlands and jewelry and wrapped tight with a decorated apron, over which hang a number of strange, egg-like forms. These have commonly been interpreted as breasts, and so She has been regarded as a Great Mother type Who nurtures all Her children. They may originally have been derived from the shape of drop-like amber pendants, found in an early layer of Her temple.

I've done another version of this Goddess, here.

This design is available on prints through ArtPal.