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Cathubodua is a Gaulish Goddess Whose name means 'Raven of Battle.' She is presumed to be a forerunner of Badb, an Irish war Goddess Who is also known as Badb Catha (similarly 'Raven (or Crow) of battle'). Badb of the Irish is considered one aspect of the Mórrígna or Mórrígan, the great Celtic triple Goddess of war and sexuality.

The name Cathubodua is known from only one inscription in France; She is assumed to be the same Goddess known from other inscriptions as Bodua, Catubodua, and Cauth Bova. The raven was associated with both battle and death to the Celts.

Done as a reduction linoleum block print.

This design is available on (digitally reproduced, not the original linoleum block print!) prints through ArtPal.