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Brighid is the Irish triple Goddess of smithcraft, healing, and poetry. She is much associated with fire (as well as water), and is credited with inventing beer. She has Her roots in the British Goddess Brigantia and the Gaulish Goddess Brigando. Her name means 'Exalted One' or 'High One' and the Romans always linked Her with their Minerva, though I'm not entirely sure why.

The festival of February 1st (Imbolc) is Hers, when She is said to bring the springtime. Candles, as here, are much associated with Her.

She's shown here as a healer, shielding the candle flame that represents the soul. This was done as a commission; if you'd like your own, details are here.

Brighid may well be the Goddess I've painted the most; here are some of the other art of Her I've made: Bride, as part of the World Goddess Oracle; another commission; and another.

This design is available on prints through ArtPal.