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Inanna is the Queen of Heaven and Earth in Sumerian myth, Who was known to the Babylonians as Ishtar. She was associated with Venus as both morning and evening star; she is a complex and great Goddess and has aspects relating to both love and war. She was often depicted riding or standing on a lion fully armed, one leg extending through the opening in her robe as if striding forward.

She is the little sister to Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld, Who may be regarded as an aspect of Inanna (or Inanna an aspect of Ereshkigal); together the two of them encompass the realms of Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld and are complete.

Ink and watercolor; done as one of a pair with Ereshkigal for a commission.

This design is available on prints through ArtPal and greeting cards through Zazzle.