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Goewin is a character in The Mabinogion, a collection of stories from medieval Wales that contain Christianized and disguised accounts of Welsh Deities and myths. She is the 'foot-holder' of Math, lord of Gwynedd in the north of Wales, who could only rule when his feet were in the lap of a virgin. Math's nephew Gilfaethwy conceives a lust for her, and with the help of his brother Gwydion creates a war as pretext for sending Math away. While he's gone Gilfaethwy rapes Goewin. When Math comes back and finds out what he's done, he punishes the brothers by transforming them into animals. Goewin he marries, to honor her and keep her from shame.

Though the narrative treats them as magical or otherworldly people rather than Deities, many of the characters have origins in the Divine. Math is said to be the brother of Dôn, the Welsh mother Goddess; and Gilfaethwy, Gwydion, and Arianrhod are Her children. Goewin, while not related to Dôn, does have elements of a sovereignty Goddess, a common type of Goddess in Celtic myth. Like Medb, Goewin has an affinity with the Earth as the power that grants the King his right to rule—Math was required to have his feet in Her lap at all times when he was King, except in times of war. She is additionally called 'the fairest maid of the land and time'.

Done for a commission.

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