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Hekate was originally a Thracian Goddess Who became part of the Greek pantheon. She is a Goddess of crossroads, witchcraft, and magic. She is shown here with two Pharaoh hounds (though the black coloring is artistic license) at a crossroads where three roads meet, before a simple hekataion. Behind Her are tangled yew bushes, and before Her are mandrake and henbane, both sacred to Her. I've put Her in Thracian style jewelry; Her dress is patterned after a viper's scales. She has oak branches and adders in Her hair, in accordance with ancient descriptions of Her.

The original is black colored pencil with acrylic inks over, and was done as the Goddess by Request for May 2016 over on my Patreon.

This design is available on prints, in both the color version and the earlier black and white version through deviantArt; it is also available on greeting cards through Zazzle, again in both black and white and color, whichever you prefer.